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Success Story ProCom GmbH.

Since 2009, ProCom GmbH has relied on HAKOM Technology as the basis of its BoFit product portfolio. Since then, it has been able to concentrate on its core competencies and thus significantly accelerate its innovative product development.

HAKOM Success Story – Procom GmbH.

HAKOM Success Story – Procom GmbH.

ProCom GmbH – the specialist for power generation and trading.

ProCom GmbH from Aachen is a specialist for the planning and optimisation of power generation and energy trading. The ProCom solutions are based on BoFiT, the IT platform for these areas, which is used in more than 70 solutions worldwide.

The HAKOM Time Series Technology is the time series basis of BoFit.

HAKOM Technologie die überzeugte.

HAKOM Technology that convinced.

With process and IT knowledge, ProCom consultants accompany the implementation of strategic specifications right through to operations. IT solutions from ProCom ensure optimum marketing of energy portfolios and optimisation of energy generation and energy trading. The technical basis is formed by a solution platform that optimizes cross-divisional business processes in energy trading and generation. Timeseries are of fundamental importance in these solutions.

When the time series technology used at the time was put to the test in 2008, it quickly became clear that versatility and maximum performance were the decisive factors. The company also attached great importance to rapid integration and flexibility in response to new requirements.

HAKOM was able to meet all these requirements with its TSM Technology – the performance of the BoFit product portfolio could be raised to a new outstanding level.

Since then even the most demanding Big Data applications could be mastered without any problems - and not even all features of the TSM Technology are exploited!

With the TSM Time Series Technology, ProCom is perfectly positioned for the future.

Successful with HAKOM Technology.

Focus of the development team:

The use of the HAKOM TSM Time Series Technology releases important resources at ProCom in order to be able to concentrate on the core competencies and deliver outstanding solutions.

The excellent applicability of the Time Series Technology under different databases and system environments is decisive. This makes it ideal for use in the highly innovative environment of research and development as well as in industrial operations and the world's largest energy groups.


By using the HAKOM TSM Time Series Technology, ProCom is in a position to use new technical possibilities optimally and promptly to the advantage of its customers.

  • Unique scaling on DB and application level.
  • Excellent support for big data persistencies.
  • Perfect support of a modern service-oriented system architecture.


In extremely demanding and trend-setting projects for transmission system operators, the unique performance of HAKOM TSM Time Series Technology is the decisive success criterion. The full scalability guarantees the value of the investment in the technology for ProCom as well as for its end customers.

ProCom GmbH über HAKOM.

"Our decision in favour of HAKOM was absolutely right in 2009. By using the time series technology from Vienna, we can concentrate on our core competencies and thus significantly accelerate our innovative product development."

Dr. Max Scheidt, Managing Director

"Based on the performance-optimized version of the HAKOM TSM Time Series Technology, large amounts of data are perfectly manageable for us in demanding projects."

Hans-Josef Grefen, Senior Consultant

"Since the first integration, we have greatly appreciated the cooperation with HAKOM; we are always informed in good time about important innovations. That way, we can make sure the innovations go in the right direction."

Olaf Syben, Product Owner, Vice President