HAKOM TSM Hosted Lab.

The HAKOM TSM Hosted Lab is a cloud service that offers the entire range of functions of the HAKOM TSM technology. For those who want to convince themselves of the unique performance, the HAKOM TSM Hosted Lab is also available free of charge for a limited time.

Analysts and developers can get to know and use the full scope of the TSM development environment within a very short time. The comprehensive functions for the structured processing and storage of time series will inspire them.

Like the TSM App, the HAKOM TSM Hosted Lab is characterized by outstanding productivity. This has been proven to save developers up to 80 percent time.

The service offers the full power of the TSM App, the REST interface as well as a high performance relational database for storing time series. The TSM Hosted Lab allows prototyping for testing purposes with minimal effort and without any client installation. And to make the start in the HAKOM Cloud Services intuitive, implementation examples for high-performance time series management, monitoring and business intelligence are on board.

A large number of industry leaders have been relying on HAKOM TSM Time Series Technology for years and develop highly sophisticated time series-based solutions on this basis. This unique technology can now also be tested and used in the cloud as HAKOM TSM Hosted Lab.

Use full functionality comfortably.

The HAKOM TSM Hosted Lab is FeasyUse®. All functions of the API provide usable results under all circumstances: No matter which time grid, which unit or from which data source.

Conversion of units - easy conversion between different units.

  • Out of the box support for energy related conversions. 
  • User-defined conversion rules.
  • Automatic derivation of conversions at runtime under optimal performance.

Implicit grid transformation.

  • Correct "down sampling", compression of time series for visualization.
  • Correct "Up Sampling", spreading of time series.
  • Formulas.

Powerful formula engine for all numerical and time axis related functions.

  • Enrichment with own functions.
  • Connection to external libraries like Matlab and R.
  • Mass data processing.
  • Independent of type, grid, unit and time zone.
  • High performance.
  • Scalable over any selection of time series.

Support of all time zones worldwide.

  • Evaluation of results in any time zone.

TSM Striking Features – unique on the market.

The high-performance TSM technology is now also available as HAKOM Hosted Lab in the cloud. The HAKOM Hosted Lab scores with its easy handling and extensive functionalities in the field of energy data management. The HAKOM TSM technology is the industry leader in the energy markets. FeasyUse® is also fully integrated into the cloud solution. Therefor time series are always available to the user, independent of the database and type. Realize 100% digital business models in the cloud with the HAKOM Hosted Lab!

High performer.

The HAKOM Hosted Lab, like the TSM APP delivers usable and reliable results under all circumstances: Process millions of time series - down to the grid of seconds - in fractions of a second!

Easy handling.

Implicit conversion of grid and unit now also in the cloud, with always useful results. Even missing data in condensations or conversions is not a problem. Missing data and quality information are correctly accounted for.

Extensive functionality.

Conversions and calculations of various types and extendable with user-defined calculations for time series in the cloud: only the HAKOM Hosted Lab can do that.

Thats what our customers say.

HAKOM – a strong partner in the energy sector for 30 years.

HAKOM Success Story – Virtimo AG.
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