mP Energy - Forecasting System

Energy consumption forecasts mP Energy (Meta Predictor Energie) is a forecasting tool which has asserted itself as a universal tool for exact energy consumption prognoses within the last years.
Three main criteria, which are ideally merged in MPE, are responsible for this performance:

• Usability
• Run-time performance
• Forecasting precision 

Innovative procedure
A multi-variate regression procedure is used, by which also the non-linear influences of various meteorological data can be considered in great detail. An approved procedure for data compression guarantees very short training times, whereby the system produces exact forecasts under even most difficult conditions.
This enables you to control:
• structural changes through changing customers or seasonal effects
• intraday requirements on automation and run–time reaction
• complex customer structures with a high number of models

Quick model development
Within the shortest possible time mP Energy can be adjusted to any consumption structure. The generation of the model is simple with a graphical user interface, the factors influencing the model are neither limited in number nor in combination possibilities. The handling of the software is carried out by familiar Windows ‚drag&drop‘ functions. Special mathematical expertise is not necessary.

Multipe application
As cycle- and trendvalues can be integrated even very precise long-term forecasts can be achieved. mP Energy is scalable and open. Data management takes place on a central data base server; processing is done either on the client computer or – in case of automatic tasks – on the server.

Full integration in the HAKOM Framework
mP Energy is available as a fully integrated tool in the HAKOM Framework. For pre- and post processes for meter data and supply management the HAKOM TSM is available.

Successful solution packages
EnerPULS mP Energy, which consists of HAKOM TSM and mP Energy has proved highly successful with numerous Austrian and German customers in the electricity and gas markets. The combination of both HAKOM and the Munich metalogic GmbH combines process know-how and long-term experience in the energy market with excellent competence in the field of mathematical procedure development. mP Energy verfügt über zahlreiche Schnittstellen zu Herstellern wie SAP SE, Robotron GmbH, Oracle Corp., SOPTIM AG u.v.m.


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