Detect the expected – explore the unexpected.

Visplore is a tool designed to explore large and complex data sets to different applications visually and was developed by VRVis –Center for Virtual Reality and Visualization Research-Ltd.

The tool provides a user interface that enables the visual exploration by means of simultaneous views of data on the latest findings in the field of Visual Computing.

In the energy sector, Visplore is used for the following applications:

Data Preparation

  • Detection of anomalies, errors, etc. without a priori hypotheses
  • Selection and export of any subset

Exploratory analysis

  • Understanding of large and complex data
  • Identification of any patterns (e.g. clusters, outliers, trends...)
  • By descriptive statistics quantify patterns
  • Relationships, realize and understand

Special focus

  • Analysis of variant calculations and black box systems
  • Interactive validation of models and analysis of deviations
  • Interactive multi target optimisation

Rapid and flexible creation of graphics for presentation purposes

The data connection is done using the base connector from the HAKOM time series Manager. The base connector allows the addition and the replacing of existing data of already opened Visplore sessions. Optionally, Visplore supports an interface in the comma separated value (CSV) format.

Supports numeric and categorical data, date and time, as well as functional items - be present as time series measurements. Additionally, the system can deal with missing entries.

Please find further information and a collection of visualization techniques here: Download Visplore folder.


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