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HAKOM TSM Technology mit Grafana Dashboards.

HAKOM TSM Technology – See time series data in a new way.

Grafana Connector for HAKOM TSM Technology – a new dimension in time series dashboarding.

VERBUND Trading GmbH (VTR) setzt auf HAKOM Zeitreihen Technologie.

VERBUND Trading GmbH starts the year 2020 with HAKOM Time Series Technology.

HAKOM TSM Technology is characterized above all by exceptional performance, unlimited scalability and platform independence.

HAKOM auf der E-world in Essen 2020.

Start your Mission – HAKOM presents FeasyUse® at the E-world 2020.

Experience the HAKOM TSM Time Series Technology at E-World Essen 11th – 13th February.

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Wearables – The Big Data Machines.

Wearables, smart watches, shoes, clothing, glasses and more equipped with sensors big data machines of a connected world.

HAKOM Success Story – Virtimo AG.
Vendor Stories

Success Story VIRTIMO AG.

Virtimo AG has been using HAKOM TSM Technology for time series since 2016. The importance of time series has always been clear to the manufacturer of...

IOTSWC2109 Barcelona.

HAKOM TSM performs at the IOTSWC2019 Barcelona.

The Smart City Barcelona - host of IoT Solutions 2019. FeasyUse® attracting great interest.

5G – die neue Daten Welle in der Luft.

5G – the new data wave in the air.

5G - breathtaking bandwidth, but that's not all. 5G has much more to offer, technology that opens a new era. A distributed network with the lowest...

Die 5G Challenge – Next Level Time Series Technology.

The 5G Challenge – Next Level Time Series Technology.

Agriculture 4.0, industry 4.0 and logistics 4.0 - a new world of data is emerging. A challenge for all those who work with time series. With FeasyUse®...

HAKOM Success Story – Quaternity AG.
Vendor Stories

Success Story Quaternity AG.

Since 2018 Quaternity GmbH has been using HAKOM TSM Technology. It immediately became clear that this would greatly reduce the time to market of their...

Success Story seven2one HAKOM.
Vendor Stories

Success Story Seven2One GmbH.

Outstanding performance in particularly demanding applications and the same wavelength - these were the factors that convinced Seven2One in the end by...