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HAKOM Talk – new format in the YouTube Channel.

Start into 2021 – talks with representatives from the energy industry.

HAKOM Talk "Meet the founders." – Stefan Komornyik und Thomas Hasleder im Gespräch.

HAKOM Talk – new format in the YouTube Channel.

In spring 2020, HAKOM went online with its YouTube Channel. Formats such as "Hands-on" give interested parties an understanding of the performance of HAKOM products, "Customer Stories" highlight use cases, and "Upcoming", for example, reports on the latest news. Motivated by the great success of the webinar series, which will be further expanded in 2021, HAKOM will go online in February 2021 with a new format, the "HAKOM Talk". In moderated talks, current topics from the energy industry will be examined in depth with representatives of the industry, in the Vienna studio or on site.

The first in the "HAKOM Talk" series will be the two founders and managing directors of HAKOM Time Series GmbH Stefan Komornyik and Thomas Hasleder. A tour through the history of a company that has been providing the energy industry with powerful software tools for 30 years. 2021 will be an anniversary year for HAKOM Time Series GmbH, presenting exciting and innovative solutions.

On Monday 1 February 2021, the first HAKOM Talk will go online with "Meet the founders." at 8:00 am. If you already want to take a look at the Vienna studio, you should watch the trailer for the format. And in February we will continue seamlessly with a topical and exciting topic that is currently moving the energy industry. Stay informed and subscribe to the HAKOM newsletter or follow HAKOM on LinkedIn and twitter.

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