HAKOM TSM Developer Editions.

The PowerTSM® Subscription Plans are a toolset for developers of time-series-based solutions that work in the energy industry. The toolset consists of the PowerTSM® App and a wide range of APIs.

The PowerTSM® App makes it possible to create prototypes for test purposes with minimum effort. The API provides the developer with the entire functionality of the time series technology with high performance for integration into the solution. This creates productivity that is reflected in time savings of up to 80 percent.

Analysts and developers have comprehensive functions for structured storage and management of time series in various development environments.

The technology for software development in the energy industry. Software developers for the grid, sales, production, trade and scheduling management of energy supply are provided with functions that enable them to place their own specific development modules on a proven, secure and auditable basis.
A number of leading manufacturers in their industry have already opted for the PowerTSM® Technology and are developing solutions for the energy industry on this basis.

A group-wide central data hub. By the common basis technology of several solutions, a central service of the applications can be implemented highly productively. The PowerTSM® Technology is thus available to all users throughout the group. This saves resources and accelerates processes. In addition, central consolidation via a single data hub allows added value to be achieved to a new extent by linking all data. Comprehensive data analyses or AI algorithms based on them unfold their full potential.

Convenient use of all functions. PowerTSM® Technology is FeasyUse®. All functions of the API provide useful results under all circumstances: No matter which time grid, which unit or from which data source.

Unit conversion – easy conversion between different units.

  • Out of the box support of energy conversions. 
  • User-defined conversion rules.
  • Automatic derivation of conversions at runtime with optimal performance.

Implicit Raster Transformation.

  • Correct "down Sampling", compression of time series for visualization.
  • Correct "up sampling", spreading of time series.


  • Powerful formula engine for all numerical and time-axis functions.
  • Enrich with your own functions.
  • Connection to external libraries such as Matlab and R.
  • Mass data processing.
  • Independent of type, increment, unit and time zone.
  • High performance.
  • Scalable over any selection of time series.

Time zones and time changes.

  • Support of all time zones worldwide.
  • Evaluation of the results in any time zone.
  • Automatic consideration of changes in the time change regime.

PowerTSM® Technology – FeasyUse® inside!

The only time series technology on the market that provides developers with FeasyUse® time series functions simply, everywhere and with high performance in the development environment.

Extensive documentation.

For the API, comprehensive documentation is available on the web as well as a large number of examples from solutions that have already been implemented.

High performance.

The proven high-performance PowerTSM® Technology is now also available with horizontal scalability. It can thus be easily scaled for higher performance or data volume requirements.

Intuitively applicable.

FeasyUse® makes data easily available as needed. Necessary transformations of units, intervals, time zones, status information and time ranges are performed automatically and correctly with each access. 

HAKOM PowerTSM® Calculator.

Calculate your individual license model – use PowerTSM® Calculator.

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HAKOM – a strong partner in the energy sector for 30 years.

HAKOM Success Story – Virtimo AG.
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