mP Energy – Forecasts.

mP Energy stands for Meta Predictor Energy, the innovative forecasting tool from metalogic GmbH, Munich. metalogic has specialized in the development of future-oriented forecasting tools for decades. mP Energy provides a variety of high-precision forecasting methods as well as a toolset for the forecasting expert to support automation.

mP Energy offers multivariate regression methods, comparison day methods, KNN or Nearest Neighbour methods as well as additional possibilities to enrich your own methods. Thus, excellent results can always be achieved regardless of the usecase. The engines were specially optimised for energy-economical applications, based on HAKOM's almost 30 years of experience in the energy industry.

A proven method of data compression ensures very short training times. In this way, the system achieves accurate forecasts in the shortest possible time, even under the most difficult conditions.

Those who choose mP Energy not only choose one of the best forecasting technologies for the energy industry, but also rely on investment security. mP Energy is a future-proof, open solution that is further developed every day. In combination with the PowerTSM® Technology from HAKOM Time Series, the HAKOM Professional Services for seamless system implementation and the HAKOM Services and Support this is a strong solution for a long partnership in excellence.

mP Energy Mathematics – mP Energy offers the most accurate method for all requirements:

  • Multivariate regression methods.
  • Comparison day procedure.
  • Artificial neural networks.
  • Nearest neighbor.
  • MetaScriptmaster.
  • Custom developments.

mP Energy add-on modules – optimization of important processes:

  • Simulation of forecast runs. Scenario calculation.
  • Archiving. Visual dashboards.
  • Workflows.
  • Parallel processing of forecast calculations.

mP Energy Automation Tools – time is money:

  • Scheduling of training and forecasting processes.
  • Templates for automatic model creation.
  • Automatic selection of the suitable model.
  • Scripting of data validations.

mP Energy – Striking Features.

HAKOM mP Energy – the forecasting tool for the energy industry.

Unbeatable usability.

With mP Energy it is child's play to create forecast models in just a few minutes. Using "Drag & Drop" and without specific mathematical know-how, calculate sharp forecasts.

Amazingly performant.

1000s of forecasts in a few minutes and automatically add new models to projects.

A sharp forecast.

Effortlessly achieve the highest quality in forecasting accuracy. The combination of classical methods and AI – artificial intelligence – makes it possible.

Learn more – get to know mp Energy Features!

Within a very short time mP Energy can be adapted to the consumption structure and put into productive operation. Modeling is characterized by the intuitive approach of the user. The factors influencing the model are not limited in their number and combinability.

The handling in the software itself is done by well-known Windows "Drag & Drop" functions. A specific mathematical expertise is not necessary.

Due to the ability to integrate cyclical and trend values, it is also possible to calculate long-term forecasts with a high degree of accuracy.

mP Energy is scalable and open. Data is stored on a central database server. The computing power is either on the workstation or, in the case of automation tasks, on the server.

mP Energy is fully integrated into the PowerTSM® framework. PowerTSM® APP is available for upstream and downstream processes within the framework of meter data and procurement management.

The solution package, consisting of PowerTSM® and mP Energy, has established itself in the electricity and gas market with numerous customers from Austria and Germany.

With HAKOM Time Series Vienna and metalogic GmbH Munich, two IT companies bundle their specific know-how to a trend-setting product. HAKOM stands for decades of process know-how from the energy market and complements the outstanding competence in mathematical process development of metalogic GmbH to a unique solution for the energy industry.

mP Energy is an open and manufacturer independent technology. It has numerous interfaces to manufacturers such as SAP SE, Robotron GmbH, Oracle Corp., SOPTIM AG and many more. This allows users to remain flexible when using EDM technology.

mP Energy can be licensed in different packages. The packages scale with the number of users, the available forecasting methods and numerous other features such as the combination of forecasts for a target value or the possibility to calculate high requirements for runtime forecasts in parallel.

In addition, a large number of additional modules are offered for workflow mapping, scenario calculation, archiving or visualization of the influencing variables and results.

HAKOM is a certified Value Added Reseller of mP Energy. mP Energy – increasing the quality of forecasts and creating added value.

Thats what our customers say.

HAKOM – a strong partner in the energy sector for 30 years.

HAKOM Success Story – Linz AG.
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