The Business Units.

Time series in the energy industry determine the business areas of HAKOM. In the Business Unit Solutions HAKOM provides the experts of the energy industry with standard solutions, consulting and support around time-series based applications. In the Business Unit Technology HAKOM provides developers with everything they expect from unlimited time series technology and developer toolkits to scalability options.

HAKOM Solutions is a strong, reliable and innovative partner in  all areas of Unlimited Time Series Management and accompanies its customers through all phases of Data Management with strategic vision.

"You can only analyze the data you have. Be strategic about what to gather and how to store it."

Marie Curie

HAKOM – Leading the Market.

Making Data Valuable.

HAKOM Solutions offers excellent and proven standard products for time series analysis and visualization, combined with experienced project management and excellent after sales support.
30 Years of Excellence.

HAKOM Solutions.

HAKOM Standard Software.

Solutions for all energy forecast issues: Playfully simple time series management and insights through highly innovative visualizations.

HAKOM Standard Software
HAKOM Solutions GmbH Wien – Standardsoftware.

HAKOM Professional Services.

All around the analysis of requirements and data, the implementation of projects and the optimization of complex time-series-based processes.

Professional Services
HAKOM Solutions GmbH Wien – Professional Services.

HAKOM Support + Customer Services.

HAKOM provides professional support in the use and operation of HAKOM technology. A high degree of industry know-how and many years of experience guarantee that the best solution will be found.

Support + Customer Services
HAKOM Solutions GmbH Wien – Support + Services.
HAKOM – Marktführer im Bereich Zeitreihentechnologie – Time Series Management.
HAKOM Technology offers an outstanding time series technology as a development platform for developers and data scientists with possibilities to distribute it as well as to use it efficiently and extremely performantly.
FeasyUse® enabled.

HAKOM Technology.

TSM Developer Editions.

All around the different possibilities to use the HAKOM development environment and to develop outstanding time series based applications.

HAKOM Solutions – TSM Developer

TSM Runtime Editions.

Learn how time series applications can be distributed and scaled with HAKOM Runtime Editions.

HAKOM Solutions – TSM Runtime Editions

FeasyUse® Functions.

FeasyUse® is the proprietary technology on which the HAKOM time series technology is based. It provides useful results under all circumstances.

HAKOM Solutions – FeasyUse Functions
HAKOM Success Story – Quaternity AG.
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Success Story Quaternity AG.

Since 2018 Quaternity GmbH has been using HAKOM TSM Technology. It immediately became clear that this would greatly reduce the time to market of their...

Success Story seven2one HAKOM.
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Success Story Seven2one GmbH.

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HAKOM Success Story – Virtimo AG.
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Success Story VIRTIMO AG.

Virtimo AG has been using HAKOM TSM Technology for time series since 2016. The importance of time series has always been clear to the manufacturer of...