HAKOM Talk – the format that brings people together.

There is something inspiring about people sitting together and talking.  It is particularly interesting when they have a common topic but a different professional and knowledge background. That´s when a discourse becomes really exciting. The view of one and the same thing will turn out differently, the conversation about it opens up the possibility of understanding things in a new and better way. Only through the networking of different knowledge does a deeper understanding of a matter emerge and only in this way can new approaches to solutions or a more accurate assessment of the future succeed. 

That is the idea behind HAKOM Talks, the format that brings people together. It is about the energy industry and people who work in it, think about it or even just touch it. A reactor of different elements that fuels the process of an engaged professional discourse. Behind every HAKOM Talk is an idea to get to the bottom of a concrete topic. To ensure that this succeeds in a balanced way, without losing direction, a moderator steers the talk.

Personalities who got something to say.

What could be more exciting than listening to people who have something to say? At HAKOM Talk they have something to say about the energy industry. Where are the trends going, how do they arise, what are the acute issues and what are the strategies that promise success? These are the things HAKOM Talk is about, engaged and moderated.

Up to date.

HAKOM Talk brings people together to discuss topics that move the energy industry. The focus is on the future. 


The HAKOM Talk brings together people from different disciplines to comprehensively illuminate topics, to look at them from unusual perspectives. It's all about creative views away from the norm.


HAKOM Talk, infotainment, because technical talks don't have to be dry and boring. To ensure that everything is balanced, the talk is moderated.

Current HAKOM Talks.

CEO Stefan Komornyik and CTO Thomas Hasleder, founders and managing partners of HAKOM Time Series GmbH, provide insights into 30 years of successful company history. From the beginning, HAKOM focused on time series management for the energy industry. Much has changed in these three decades. In order to stay on the road to success, HAKOM was and is lean, agile and innovative. "HAKOM Talk: Meet the founders of HAKOM Time Series GmbH." - an exciting talk especially for entrepreneurs and start-ups.

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Language: German with English subtitles.

Idea + production: HAKOM Time Series GmbH in collaboration with No Risk, No Film.
Moderator: Anna Behne.

Stefan Zach, company spokesman of EVN AG and Stefan Komornyik, CEO HAKOM Time Series GmbH, discuss future scenarios of the energy industry in the HAKOM Talk "Blackout". How will decarbonisation, democratisation, digitalisation - the "3D" of the energy industry - change the energy supply of the future. What will be the challenges to manage more complex systems in such a way that stable energy supply can be guaranteed? HAKOM Talk "Blackout" - scenarios for the secure supply of electrical energy to Europe.

Watch Talk on demand now!

Language: German with English subtitles.

Idea + production: HAKOM Time Series GmbH in collaboration with No Risk, No Film.
Moderator: Anna Behne.

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