oekostrom AG - the future of energy.

"We will not solve the climate crisis the day after tomorrow, but today!" (Dr. U. Streibl).

ökostrom AG mit HAKOM Time Series Technology.

Swissgrid AG – Reduction for liberalisation.

Swissgrid uses HAKOM time series technology for sophisticated calculation processes based on second-by-second data.

Hauptverwaltung swissgrid, Aarau, Schweiz.

VERBUND Trading GmbH starts the year 2020 with HAKOM Time Series Technology.

HAKOM TSM Technology is characterized above all by exceptional performance, unlimited scalability and platform independence.

VERBUND Trading GmbH (VTR) setzt auf HAKOM Zeitreihen Technologie.

Success Story Quaternity AG.

Since 2018 Quaternity GmbH has been using HAKOM TSM Technology. It immediately became clear that this would greatly reduce the time to market of their…

HAKOM Success Story – Quaternity AG.

Success Story Seven2one GmbH.

Outstanding performance in particularly demanding applications and the same wavelength - these were the factors that convinced Seven2one in the end by…

Success Story seven2one HAKOM.

Success Story VIRTIMO AG.

Virtimo AG has been using HAKOM TSM Technology for time series since 2016. The importance of time series has always been clear to the manufacturer of…

HAKOM Success Story – Virtimo AG.

Success Story ProCom GmbH.

Since 2009, ProCom GmbH has relied on HAKOM Technology as the basis of its BoFit product portfolio. Since then, it has been able to concentrate on its…

HAKOM Success Story – Procom GmbH.

Success Story LINZ AG.

LINZ AG has been using HAKOM TSM Technology and the mP Energy forecasting system since 2008. Measurable advantages are efficient processes and…

HAKOM Success Story – Linz AG.