Think different – Event Streaming with Apache Kafka.

Event streaming and Apache Kafka – an energy transition issue.

Event Streaming mit Apache Kafka in der Energiewirtschaft.

How to trust forecast data.

The HAKOM 3D-Trust approach and how to create trust.

Trust – Prognosedaten vertrauen.

Making data valuable and taking off – webinar with ski jumping legend Toni Innauer.

Register now free of charge for the webinar on 8.10.2020 at 14:00 CEST!

Daten wertvoll machen und abheben – Webinar mit Skisprunglegende Toni Innauer.

Microgrids - central elements of the energy transition.

Microgrids, integral part of the energy transition in the near future. A condensed summary.

Green Energy Microgrid der Kanaren Insel El Hierro.

COVID-19 – Let’s science the s... out of this!

COVID-19: A crisis as an opportunity for the energy transition. A look into the near future.

COVID-19 und die Energiewende.

Human-machine communication – the future at the start.

The future of human-machine interaction is gesture control. More about trends and technology.

Gestensteuerung: BMW HoloActive Touch.

Murder in the Smart Home – Inspector Columbo investigates!

Human-machine communication using gesture control: challenges of the future. A basic analysis of the technological problems.

HAKOM TSM Technology – See time series data in a new way.

Grafana Connector for HAKOM TSM Technology – a new dimension in time series dashboarding.

HAKOM TSM Technology mit Grafana Dashboards.

Wearables – The Big Data Machines.

Wearables, smart watches, shoes, clothing, glasses and more equipped with sensors big data machines of a connected world.

Apple Watch Series 5 (© Apple Inc)

5G – the new data wave in the air.

5G - breathtaking bandwidth, but that's not all. 5G has much more to offer, technology that opens a new era. A distributed network with the lowest…

5G – die neue Daten Welle in der Luft.

The 5G Challenge – Next Level Time Series Technology.

Agriculture 4.0, industry 4.0 and logistics 4.0 - a new world of data is emerging. A challenge for all those who work with time series. With FeasyUse®…

Die 5G Challenge – Next Level Time Series Technology.