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FeasyUse® – a new dimension of productivity in time series management.

At first glance, time-series-based calculations usually seem quite simple. The first impression is soon corrected by the inherent complexity of the problem. Calculation may be simple, but the path to computable data is as complex as it is complicated. In order to obtain them, simple additions become a challenge, especially in the big data environment: data are available in different time grids and units, are stored  in different systems and distributed locally, "gaps" must be closed intelligently and much more. The trick is in the detail.

Using the example of evaluating an energy generation profile to determine a price forward curve, the requirements become striking: Production data from countless distributed wind power plants in different resolutions must be aggregated and evaluated for different planning horizons with a price forward curve. Without intelligent automated process logic, this task, which is per se easy to calculate, becomes a challenge.

If the topic of process logic and automation is beating, FeasyUse®, the revolutionary technology that does the "Legwork" for the developer within the framework of PowerTSM® Time Series Management, comes into play. The developer can fully concentrate on the problem to be solved. FeasyUse® takes care of everything else. And this demonstrably saves up to 80% development time. FeasyUse®, a new development environment for developers - especially when it comes to Big Data. This is PowerTSM®.

Time series properties – unlimited data model.

  • Flexible time grids, starting with the millisecond.
  • User-defined units.
  • 3 time dimensions for complex requirements.
  • Inheritable quality information.
  • Any attributes of different types.

Time series calculations – unlimited processing.

  • Comprehensive formula engine.
  • Freely definable formulas and functions.
  • Conversions and transformations.
  • Integration possibilities of third-party software.

Performance – unlimited speed.

  • Compression of the data storage.
  • Parallelisation of the calculation processes.
  • Mass data processing on the basis of attributes, also time-slice-controlled.

HAKOM FeasyUse® – Striking Features!

FeasyUse® – the ingenious and trend-setting technology in PowerTSM® Unlimited Time Series Management.

Brings data together.

Develop complex applications across databases, on-premise or cloud based, depending on the data source. A child’s play with FeasyUse®.

Outstanding applications.

Develop applications in new quality from time series of the most diverse characteristics. FeasyUse® takes care of the harmonization of the formats.

Unique performance.

FeasyUse® - amazing performance despite highest complexity. All processing steps optimized on the basis of real applications over almost 30 years.

Thats what our customers say.

HAKOM – a strong partner in the energy sector for 30 years.

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