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HAKOM TSM Runtime Editions.

The HAKOM TSM Runtime Editions are licenses to run the HAKOM TSM Time Series Management on application servers.

Applications created on the basis of a HAKOM Developer Edition are distributed using the Runtime Edition.


The Runtime Editions scale with the required performance.

The application scenarios range from a few time series without special streaming requirements to millions of time series that have to be processed near-realtime.

HAKOM Runtime Editions licenses are as flexible as their inherent technology. As requirements increase, performance can grow with them, without having to adapt a single line of code. That's unique.

If the underlying database technology should no longer meet all requirements over time, the migration to more powerful databases using the protected HAKOM technology FeasyUse® is very easy.

Scaling at application level.

  • Adding application nodes (from Standard Runtime).
  • Parallel processing of the calculation processes (from Performance Runtime).
  • Compress data storage (from Performance Runtime).

Scaling at database level.

  • Support of all common relational database systems (from Standard Runtime).
  • Development of a lambda architecture (from Performance Runtime).
  • Adding database nodes (from Big Data Runtime).

HAKOM Runtime Editions – Striking Features!

HAKOM Runtime Technology - high-performance, flexible and efficient like no other solution on the market.

Fully scalable data acquisition rate.

HAKOM offers the optimal runtime license for every user: From transfer rates of several hundred time series in hourly raster to > 10,000 data records per second near-realtime in second raster per application server.

Database license minimization.

Under just one runtime license, you can map data storage in common relational databases with in-memory and big data technologies.

Platform independent operation.

TSM Runtime licenses can be used platform-independently, multiplied by container technology and easily distributed and operated.

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The HAKOM TSM Standard Runtime allows to run the HAKOM TSM Time Series Management in the standard version on an application server.

Price per license 490,- €, from 1.000 licenses on 29,- € p.m.: Comprehensive functionality, 1 relational database.

Operation of HAKOM TSM for high performance use cases of several million time series on one application server.

Price per license 690,- €, from 1.000 licenses on 39,- € p.m.: Comprehensive functionality, any relational databases, compressed data storage, multiprocessor support.

Operation of HAKOM TSM in a near-realtime environment with data acquisition rates of > 10,000 DS/s on an application server.

Price per license 990,- €, from 1.000 licenses on 59,- € p.m.: Comprehensive functionality, any relational and horizontally scalable databases, compressed data storage, multiprocessor support.

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