"No one can live without relationship. […] You cannot escape from that absolute fact. You cannot exist in isolation." - Jiddu Krishnamurti

Nothing thrives in isolation! Therefore, HAKOM works in a strong network of competent partners. This stimulates everyone and enables technological excellence and innovative products, because the whole is more than just the sum of its parts. Continuity in cooperation is a high priority in order to build on existing know-how and further develop it strategically. HAKOM solutions are always based on software products developed in-house or by long-term partners.

More and more partners are opting for the powerful and unique PowerTSM® Time Series Technology. 80% of the development of time series based software products is invested in validating and managing time series data. This applies in general, not only to software development in the energy industry. The PowerTSM® Time Series Technology also provides comprehensive energy management functionalities.

Partners who use PowerTSM® Time Series Technology reduce their development costs by up to 75% and their running costs by more than 25%. The "time to market", the time required to bring a product to market maturity, is also significantly shortened and is usually reduced to a quarter. Up to 2.5 FTE are saved in the further development of the solutions. Partners who rely on PowerTSM® Time Series Technology also reduce their development risk considerably, as they can count on 30 years of specific experience in both product and support. In this way, the focus can fully serve your own development.

HAKOM and its partners – a strong team.

HAKOM's partner network – a symbiosis to create something outstanding together.

Best of Breed.

TSM PowerTSM® solutions combine the best technologies from different areas to a future-proof state of the art product.

Concentrated energy industry expertise.

HAKOM partners are a strong network with expertise in the energy industry, from inverters to power plants, in all areas of the value chain.

Concentrated know-how.

The partner network consists of companies that stand for the highest technological competence. From AI, forecasting, optimization to excellent visual computing for the most demanding data scientists.


EXXETA AG offers both standardized and custom solutions for all market roles in the energy market, covering a broad range of processes from market access to power exchanges and brokers to portfolio management, balancing group management and billing.

Its innovative Energy Portfolio and Risk Management System EPRM impresses with its modern modular service-oriented architecture, which covers the complex individual requirements of energy trading and combines them with the high-performance PowerTSM® Technology.

Fronius International GmbH has been researching new technologies for converting electrical energy since 1945. That is more than seven decades of experience, progress and constant innovation. 24 hours of sunshine is Fronius Solar Energy‘s big goal and the company works every day to realize this vision of a future in which the world‘s energy requirements are met from 100 percent renewables.

Kapsch BusinessCom AG is a company of the Kapsch Group and your partner for digital transformation. With a unique ecosystem of specialists and world-leading technology partners, Kapsch guides you safely through the world of digitization. Kapsch supports and accompanies you to leverage the value of your data: Future knowledge, corporate values and productivity. For demanding time-series-based requirements, Kapsch relies on PowerTSM® Technology.

LeanXcale is the database for fast growing datasets. By a radically different approach it combines a scalable SQL database with fast  NoSQL data ingestion.

Thus LeanXcale brigdes the gap between operational data world and the analytical data world and makes an optimal combination with PowerTSM® Technology.

The Volue Energy GmbH from Aachen, specializes in planning and optimization of energy production and energy trading. The solutions are based on BoFiT, the IT platform for these areas, which is in more than 60 solutions in use in Europe. The HAKOM Framework is used successfully in the new version of the solution BoFiT and is therefore also integrated into the products of the leading manufacturer of optimization software available.

Quaternity AG helps energy trading and distribution companies meet today‘s and tomorrow‘s technology challenges. With offices in Walchwil, Switzerland and Vienna, Austria, Quaternity covers both the commercial and technical requirements of energy trading and sales organizations. The Quaternity Suite - a modular software platform with sales and PFM functionality - is based on PowerTSM® Technology for sophisticated time series functionality.

Seven2one GmbH supports energy suppliers, industrial companies and infrastructure operators in mastering the challenges of digitization towards the new energy system. With tailor-made software solutions, the company integrates and automates complex (energy) data processes for its customers along the energy value chain and networks systems. Seven2one relies on PowerTSM® Technology for demanding requirements in the area of Big Data.

Twingz Development GmbH is a Viennese company specialising in predictive analytics services and solutions. The core of Twingz‘s technical competence is the analysis of flow quantities and the detection of anomalies, primarily for electricity (activity of electrical devices) and water (leakage) from meter or sensor data streams. Thus, Twingz provides B2B customers with valuable insights into the recorded flow variables and their significance for business models.

The unique Twingz dissagregation technology is used for this purpose. Building on PowerTSM® Technology, it reliably provides a precise overview of device-specific activities and consumption in households, commerce and industry.

Virtimo AG from Berlin supports you in the realization of complex, process-based energy management applications. Virtimo helps meet these challenges with world-class products for market communications, regulatory publishing requirements, and process monitoring and control. HAKOM time series technology is available to Virtimo customers as an integrated part of the Virtimo Business Process Center.

Technologie. HmbH is the developer of CrateDB, the simply scalable real-time SQL database. CrateDB makes it easy to process massive amounts of dynamic machine and IoT data in real time by combining the best of SQL and NoSQL technologies into a modern cloud-native architectur.

ECONS Consulting GmbH puts energy efficiency, ecological and financial sustainability and auditability at the center of its services. The company proportionally supports with client-specific solutions encounting customer’s actual and future challenges by incorporating existing and planned reporting and management systems. In the course of its holistic approach HAKOM‘s systems for unlimited time series management are applied to guarantee customer success.

HAKOM is an authorized „Value Added Reseller“ for the Munich based metalogic GmbH. This includes Consulting, Sales, Deployment and Support of the mP Energy Forecasting Software in the central and east European Market region.

VRVis – Forschungszentrum für Virtual Reality & Visualisierung is Austria‘s leading research center in the field of Visual Computing. Together with the Institute for Computer Graphics at the Vienna University of Technology, VRVis forms one of the largest computer graphics research groups in Europe. HAKOM is partner of VRVis in the field of Visual Analytics of time series data in the energy sector. In combination with the HAKOM TSM Time Series Technology, VRVis technology enables intuitive indepth analyses of data with energy relevance.