Two years PowerTSM® – the evolution of a time series management industry standard into the cloud.

Overview of the striking features of PowerTSM® as well as plans including online calculator.

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YouTube Summer Special – Life is a Time Series!

Vacation, sun and beach – and time series everywhere, in the sky, the waves or the aircraft turbine.

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Time Series coding – can ChatGPT get the job done?

Intelligence, creativity, knowledge, experience, drive and emotion – the ingredients to create great things.

Time Series coding – can ChatGPT get the job done?

Digital Twins, AI and the Cloud – the new age of industrial time series analytics.

Upcoming Webinar on Digital Twins: Thursday, March 30 2023 at 14:00 CET.

Upcoming Webinar über Digital Twins: Donnerstag, 30. März 2023 um 14:00 Uhr MEZ.

Crisis – Christmas – Chances!

HAKOM Christmas greetings 2022 – 2023 will be a good year.

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HAKOM PowerTSM® Preflight Check – play with the calculator.

The first and ultimate cloud platform for time series management out now!

HAKOM PowerTSM® Preflight Check - play with the calculator.

Webinar – The Cloud Imperative for the Energy Industry.

Join the Webinar for free on Thursday 10 March 2022, 14:00 - 14:30 (CET).

Webinar – The Cloud Imperative for the Energy Industry.

30 years of HAKOM, 30 years of Unlimited Time Series Management.

The history of HAKOM, Hasleder & Komornyik OEG begins on 23 December 1991.

30 Jahre HAKOM Time Series GmbH – Stefan Komornyik und Thomas Hasleder.

30 years of HAKOM – win 30 HAKOM cult sneakers!

On December 23 2021, HAKOM Time Series celebrates its 30th birthday.

HAKOM Time Series Marketing Survey 2021.

Think different – Event Streaming with Apache Kafka.

Event streaming and Apache Kafka – an energy transition issue.

Event Streaming mit Apache Kafka in der Energiewirtschaft.

oekostrom AG - the future of energy.

"We will not solve the climate crisis the day after tomorrow, but today!" (Dr. U. Streibl).

ökostrom AG mit HAKOM Time Series Technology.

Swissgrid AG – Reduction for liberalisation.

Swissgrid uses HAKOM time series technology for sophisticated calculation processes based on second-by-second data.

Hauptverwaltung swissgrid, Aarau, Schweiz.

Bio – Christian Kornfeld.

Head of Product Development at HAKOM, climber and family man.

Bio Christian Kornfeld, Head of Product Development at HAKOM Time Series GmbH Vienna, Austria.

Trailer – HAKOM Talk "Blackout".

Watch trailer now, full length on demand from 8 April 2021.

Trailer – HAKOM Talk "Blackout".

Upgrade to the monthly HAKOM webinars.

Private sessions and follow-up online dates.

HAKOM Webinar: The Backbone of a Data Driven Energy Industry.

Webinar "The Backbone of a Data Driven Energy Industry.“

HAKOM Webinar Thuersday, 11th of March, 2:00 PM (MET) – register now!

The Backbone of a Data Driven + Digitalized Energy Industry.

How to trust forecast data.

The HAKOM 3D-Trust approach and how to create trust.

Trust – Prognosedaten vertrauen.

Microsoft ISV Conference: Partnering with Microsoft.

24.2.2021 - Especially for StartUps & Software Developers.

24.2.2021 – Microsoft ISV Conference: Partnering with Microsoft. Speziell für StartUps & Software Entwickler

20 years of edna – HAKOM Time Series Vienna congratulates.

edna, the German Energy Market & Communication Association, celebrates its 20th anniversary.

HAKOM Time Series GmbH Wien gratuliert edna, dem Bundesverband Energiemarkt & Kommunikation e.V., zum 20jährigen Jubiläum.

HAKOM Talk – new format in the YouTube Channel.

Start into 2021 – talks with representatives from the energy industry.

HAKOM Talk "Meet the founders." – Stefan Komornyik und Thomas Hasleder im Gespräch.

December 21, 11:02h, Vienna: Winter solstice – Christmas is coming.

Christmas Greetings from HAKOM – somehow different, as a video.

Making data valuable and taking off – webinar with ski jumping legend Toni Innauer.

Register now free of charge for the webinar on 8.10.2020 at 14:00 CEST!

Daten wertvoll machen und abheben – Webinar mit Skisprunglegende Toni Innauer.

New customers and product development - strong summer for HAKOM.

Erfolgreiche Strategie im Produktmanagement und Vertrieb als Booster für das Business.

Neukunden und Produktentwicklung – starker Sommer 2020 für HAKOM.

70 participants, 15 countries - HAKOM webinars as a platform for time series know-how.

Modelling Disruptive Changes in Energy Consumption Forecasts.

HAKOM Webinar: Modelling Disruptive Changes in Energy Consumption Forecasts.

Webinar: Modelling Disruptive Changes in Energy Consumption Forecasts.

Register now: Thursday, June 25th 2020, 2 p.m. - 2.30 p.m. (MESZ, UTC+2).

HAKOM Webinar: Modelling Disruptive Changes in Energy Consumption Forecasts.

YouTube and webinars - HAKOM with extended online presence.

Time series and forecast: trends, new developments, use cases and more in a new format.

Covid-19 – impact on energy behavior.

COVID-19, remote working and beyond.

An interview with Stefan Komornyik, CEO HAKOM Solutions GmbH.

CEO DI Stefan Komornyik HAKOM Solutions GmbH Wien Austria.

Microgrids - central elements of the energy transition.

Microgrids, integral part of the energy transition in the near future. A condensed summary.

Green Energy Microgrid der Kanaren Insel El Hierro.

COVID-19 – Let’s science the s... out of this!

COVID-19: A crisis as an opportunity for the energy transition. A look into the near future.

COVID-19 und die Energiewende.

Human-machine communication – the future at the start.

The future of human-machine interaction is gesture control. More about trends and technology.

Gestensteuerung: BMW HoloActive Touch.

E-World 2020 – Solutions for IoT, Smart City, 5G in the focus of the visitors.

HAKOM performs at E World 2020 Essen – customers exited about new TSM Technology and FeasyUse®.

HAKOM E World 2020 Essen Deutschland.

Murder in the Smart Home – Inspector Columbo investigates!

Human-machine communication using gesture control: challenges of the future. A basic analysis of the technological problems.

HAKOM TSM Technology – See time series data in a new way.

Grafana Connector for HAKOM TSM Technology – a new dimension in time series dashboarding.

HAKOM TSM Technology mit Grafana Dashboards.

VERBUND Trading GmbH starts the year 2020 with HAKOM Time Series Technology.

HAKOM TSM Technology is characterized above all by exceptional performance, unlimited scalability and platform independence.

VERBUND Trading GmbH (VTR) setzt auf HAKOM Zeitreihen Technologie.

Start your Mission – HAKOM presents FeasyUse® at the E-world 2020.

Experience the HAKOM TSM Time Series Technology at E-World Essen 11th – 13th February.

HAKOM auf der E-world in Essen 2020.

Wearables – The Big Data Machines.

Wearables, smart watches, shoes, clothing, glasses and more equipped with sensors big data machines of a connected world.

Apple Watch Series 5 (© Apple Inc)

HAKOM TSM performs at the IOTSWC2019 Barcelona.

The Smart City Barcelona - host of IoT Solutions 2019. FeasyUse® attracting great interest.

IOTSWC2109 Barcelona.

5G – the new data wave in the air.

5G - breathtaking bandwidth, but that's not all. 5G has much more to offer, technology that opens a new era. A distributed network with the lowest…

5G – die neue Daten Welle in der Luft.

The 5G Challenge – Next Level Time Series Technology.

Agriculture 4.0, industry 4.0 and logistics 4.0 - a new world of data is emerging. A challenge for all those who work with time series. With FeasyUse®…

Die 5G Challenge – Next Level Time Series Technology.

Success Story Quaternity AG.

Since 2018 Quaternity GmbH has been using HAKOM TSM Technology. It immediately became clear that this would greatly reduce the time to market of their…

HAKOM Success Story – Quaternity AG.

Success Story Seven2one GmbH.

Outstanding performance in particularly demanding applications and the same wavelength - these were the factors that convinced Seven2one in the end by…

Success Story seven2one HAKOM.

Success Story VIRTIMO AG.

Virtimo AG has been using HAKOM TSM Technology for time series since 2016. The importance of time series has always been clear to the manufacturer of…

HAKOM Success Story – Virtimo AG.

Success Story ProCom GmbH.

Since 2009, ProCom GmbH has relied on HAKOM Technology as the basis of its BoFit product portfolio. Since then, it has been able to concentrate on its…

HAKOM Success Story – Procom GmbH.

Success Story LINZ AG.

LINZ AG has been using HAKOM TSM Technology and the mP Energy forecasting system since 2008. Measurable advantages are efficient processes and…

HAKOM Success Story – Linz AG.