TSM – Big Data Times Series Manager.

TSM stands for Time Series Management, the innovative Big Data Management Tool from HAKOM. A powerful tool that brings together and makes use of data from a wide variety of sources in any format and scale with amazing ease. HAKOM TSM not only collects data in a structured way, but also makes it accessible for data mining in an outstanding way using FeasyUse®HAKOM Unlimited Time Series Management – a new dimension to keep exponentially growing amounts of data under control and usable. Equipped for the requirements of tomorrow's energy industry and a new data world in the IoT, AI, AR, Industry 4.0 and Agriculture 4.0 environment.


HAKOM TSM is the tool that many of Europe's leading utilities use every day to solve demanding and challenging time series based problems. Customers appreciate the universal and scalable system of the HAKOM framework. The outstanding function library of this future-proof technology provides out-of-the-box solutions to handle complex requirements for the processing and analysis of energy management topics efficiently and with high performance.


The HAKOM time series manager is based on almost 30 years of practical development and has become an indispensable workhorse for leading companies in the energy sector, helping to shape their daily success. Differently to the competition the open system of the HAKOM TSM is platform independent. And since every business model is unique, HAKOM's time series manager can be easily tailored to individual needs. Because the customer's requirements are the focus of attention. 


Companies that choose HAKOM Unlimited Time Series Management invest in 30 years of practical development and an outstanding future-proof tool, accompanied by unbeatable customer support. A secure investment in a long and successful partnership.

TSM data world – ready for energy management data in any increment, unit and aggregation level. Flexible, reliable, tailor-made. Measurement data.

  • Load profiles.
  • Meteorological data.
  • Calendar information.
  • Consumption forecasts.
  • Pricing information.
  • Conversion factors.
  • Process data.
  • Sensor data.

Disaggregated data. TSM function library – time is money. Solving complex issues out of the box. Simple, fast, productive.

  • Arithmetic function.
  • Trigonometric functions.
  • Logical Functions.
  • Time series functions (lags, moving averages, etc.).
  • Energy management functions (peak, off peak, conversions, transformations).
  • Time travel.
  • Audits.
  • Versions.
  • Time zones.

TSM technology – ready for the future today. Scalable, available, shareable.

  • Scalability: TSM scales linearly on application level and database level.
  • Availability: With FeasyUse® TSM delivers useful results under all circumstances.
  • Shareability: TSM supports all common database systems.

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TSM Striking Features – unique on the market.

The high-performance TSM technology has developed into the market leader in recent years due to its simple handling and extensive functionality in the field of energy data management. By using FeasyUse®, the time series are always easily available to the user, independent of database and type. This makes it possible to realize 100% digital business models.

High performer.

The TSM time series manager provides useful and reliable results under all circumstances: Process millions of time series – down to the second raster – in fractions of a second!

Easy handling.

The implicit transformation of raster and unit always produces meaningful results. During summarizations and conversions, missing data and quality information are also correctly taken into account.

Extensive functionality.

Conversions and calculations of various types and extendable by user-defined calculations.

Learn more – get to know TSM features!

TSM provides a user interface seamlessly integrated into MS EXCEL™ . Ribbons provide all important functions for loading, calculating and saving time series. Master data can either be edited individually or as a group for recurring manipulations. A tree structure ensures that the overview is kept at all times.

Only one click and time series are available in Excel. The full MS EXCEL™ functionality regarding formulas, diagrams and reporting functions can be used. Changes can be quickly, securely and reliably saved back to the source system. Creating and working with templates that can be shared within a team supports productive work and the automation of recurring tasks.

The HAKOM TSM reliably ensures that security regulations, user authorisations and all audit and historical requirements are complied with.

The innovative HAKOM TSM technology enables data to be stored according to the degree of requirement. As transaction security is critical, TSM maps the data in common high-performance relational databases. Very large amounts of data, such as data from thousands of sensors in seconds, can be mapped by the powerful HAKOM TSM even in completely horizontally scalable databases.

TSM goes a massive step further in its range of services. TSM can easily process data from different relational and horizontally scaled databases in an integrated way. Under all circumstances, TSM always delivers useful and meaningful results even in this very demanding data environment.

With HAKOM TSM the user has an application of extraordinary performance at his disposal, which also manages and processes very large amounts of data effortlessly and reliably, but is as easy to use as MS EXCEL™.

The HAKOM TSM has an extremely powerful formula editor. Using IntelliSense, time-series-based formulas can be created that always deliver useful results even with highly complex requirements. And if the available logical, arithmetic, trigonometric and time-series-based operators are not sufficient, user-defined functions can easily be added.

Highly complex time-series-based processes can be fully automated via scripts and can be executed without user intervention. The extremely powerful functions of HAKOM TSM process even the largest amounts of data in the shortest possible time and generate results for further process steps. The process can use all functions and formulas of the uniquely powerful HAKOM framework. Without any limit.


  • TSM AppServer Standard 590,- € p.m. | per AppServer.
  • TSM AppServer Performance 890,- € p.m. | per AppServer.
  • TSM AppServer Big Data 1.290,- € p.m. | per AppServer.


  • TSM App 99,- € p.m. | per user.
  • TSM Visuals 199,- € p.m. | per user.
  • TSM Automation Server 249,- € p.m. | per AppServer.
  • TSM Data Validation Server 590,- € p.m. | per AppServer.
  • TSM ETL Server 99,- € - 399,- € p.m. | per AppServer.

All prices are net VAT excluded.

HAKOM Technology – We make Big Data valuable.

Thats what our customers say.

HAKOM – a strong partner in the energy sector for 30 years.

HAKOM Success Story – Virtimo AG.
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