Support und Customer Services.

Every project is the beginning of a lasting cooperation. The development of long-standing customer relationships into a partnership is part of HAKOM's success story. To ensure that the HAKOM Support and Customer Services Team can always meet the high demands of our customers, HAKOM invests in the continuous training of its team. Customers can rely on motivated employees at the cutting edge of technology to address their concerns. Our competence is underlined by our extensive industry know-how and decades of experience, which is documented in our Wiki and CRM system, independent of individual availability. This also guarantees competent support when one member of the team is currently not available.

HAKOM's claim is that no matter how complex and extensive inquiries may be, they must lead to a solution promptly that satisfies the customer.

Companies that want to build up know-how in the field of PowerTSM® Technology are offered standardized or individual trainings. Training on the Job is the preferred model for quickly translating what you have learned into results and success.

Services – HAKOM is a reliable partner for application support.

  • Service level agreements.
  • Know-how transfer from integration and special development projects.
  • Optimization of the IT operation of the software solutions.
  • Support of developers in the implementation of solutions based on HAKOM time series technology.
  • Individual and standardized training programs.

Focus on the customer – HAKOM Support and Customer Services!

HAKOM – a reliable and committed partner. Problems during application, operation or development are solved unbureaucratically and quickly. The competent support and customer services team makes it possible.

Tailor-made support packages.

HAKOM offers tailor-made service packages, geared to the needs of its customers. Transparency and customer satisfaction are priorities.

Rapid reaction.

HAKOM – always within reach for its customers. Modern tools and methods guarantee an efficient and fast processing of all inquiries. Time-critical processes are given highest priority.

Competent support.

HAKOM can fall back on experts of all required disciplines and thus grasp even the most complex problems. In this way, highly demanding technical questions can be answered quickly and in a first-class manner.

HAKOM Support – which package is ideal?

The PowerTSM® Basic Support Package consists of the following components:

  • Service desk.
  • Online knowledge base.
  • Updates consisting of patches & bugfixes.

The Advanced Support Package is the PowerTSM® support package for extended support consisting of Basic Support and the following additional services:

  • Phone support.
  • Remote support.
  • Webex introduction for new features.
  • Dedicated contact person.

The PowerTSM® Premium Package includes advanced support:

  • Key account manager.
  • Service level agreements.
  • Dedicated contact person with special know-how.
  • Regular service reviews.
  • Roadmap meetings.


Thats what our customers say.

HAKOM – a strong partner in the energy sector for 30 years.

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