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Success Story VIRTIMO AG.

Virtimo AG has been using HAKOM TSM Technology for time series since 2016. The importance of time series has always been clear to the manufacturer of an innovative business process management platform specialized in the energy industry. By using the leading TSM technology from Vienna, it was possible to integrate this functionality extremely quickly and cost-effectively.

HAKOM Success Story – Virtimo AG.

HAKOM Success Story – Virtimo AG.

Virtimo AG – the IT partner for the energy industry with the V-factor.

Virtimo AG offers consulting and implementation services for complex integration scenarios in the energy industry using state-of-the-art, high-performance tools. The solutions offered by this dynamic Berlin-based company range from the full automation of internal business processes to the handling of regulated market communication to testing and approval processes involving employees in the portal.

The Business Process Center of Virtimo AG – the innovative platform for the implementation of business processes in the energy industry – relies on the HAKOM TSM Technology for sophisticated time series functionality.

HAKOM Technology that convinced.

As early as 2015 – during the development of the BPC platform – the energy market experts at Virtimo AG were aware that time series along the entire value chain of the energy industry play a central role. It was therefore obvious to look for a modern, integrable basic technology that would fit seamlessly into the service-oriented concept of the Business Process Center. Flexibility for the most diverse application scenarios was just as important as maximum performance with large amounts of data.

When HAKOM TSM Technology was chosen, it quickly became clear that the integration of TSM Services would significantly increase the reach of the innovative BPC platform. With the help of the REST Services of HAKOM TSM Technology the experts of Virtimo AG developed the module WEB-TSM. This is directly integrated into the BPC and enables extremely simple browser-based processing of master and transaction data of the time series.

Now Virtimo's Business Process Center relies on HAKOM TSM Technology for sophisticated time series functionality – the result are already numerous projects in which the excellent business process tool has proven itself outstandingly even in big data scenarios. And this despite the fact that the outstanding scaling possibilities of the protected FeasyUse® Technology from HAKOM have not yet had to be fully implemented.

With the HAKOM TSM, Virtimo AG is now excellently positioned on a time series level in an energy market that is moving in giant steps towards Big Energy Data.

Successful with HAKOM Technology.

Rapid training of the development team:

Within the scope of extremely demanding projects for Transmission System Operators, the TSM know-how was continuously built up by the Berlin development team. After only a few weeks, Virtimo's consultants were able to configure the first time-series-based processes extremely efficiently.

Functions covered:

FeasyUse® enabled – in the browser! Based on the HAKOM TSM Webservice, Web-TSM provides the FeasyUse® functions of the TSM Technology fully integrated in the Business Process Center:

  • Lightning fast web-based access to time series data and meta information.
  • Clear graphical and tabular display of several time series.
  • High-performance preprocessing of time series data for data analysis and as a widget in the dashboard.
  • Fast export of selected data using the full range of functions of the BPC.


The demands on time-series-based processes are extreme in many cases. Through the use of the perfectly scalable HAKOM TSM Performance Edition as the basic technology, hundreds of thousands of time series, which are available in a 15-minute increment, can be analyzed and processed within seconds according to different attributes. This is unique!

Das sagt Virtimo AG über HAKOM.

Virtimo AG über HAKOM.

"The decision to use HAKOM Time Series Technology went hand in hand with our realization that a business process platform for the energy industry must support such a central topic. By using the TSM Technology from Vienna, the integration of this functionality into our Business Process Center could be realized quickly and cost-effectively!"

Dirk Breitkreuz, Vorstand der Virtimo AG