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Webinars are becoming one of the most successful formats in knowledge transfer. With just a few clicks, experts from different countries can be brought together in a virtual space. Concentration of knowledge in a way that has not been possible before, which can be made accessible to an almost unlimited audience. A new dimension of efficiently sharing and expanding knowledge.

HAKOM has set itself the goal with its webinar series to present knowledge around the topic of time series in a well-founded, practical and informative way. Experts from different disciplines are brought together to illuminate topics in a multifaceted way and to enable a broader view and deeper insight. Related technologies are also included. HAKOM webinars are live. So that knowledge is preserved, all are available on demand.

HAKOM Webinars – the world of time series.

HAKOM communicates intensively with customers and interested parties about the latest news from the world of time series. In the HAKOM Showcase, trends and use cases are treated in well-researched articles. The visual counterpart is the HAKOM YouTube Channel. The categories of both channels are congruent, the YouTube Channel is one category richer: The live format of the HAKOM Webinars, which are available for everyone on demand.

Up to date.

In HAKOM Webinars current topics around time series and related technologies are analyzed. Specialists get deeper insights into the illuminated topics.


Recognized experts discuss in HAKOM Webinars and consider topics in the area of time series from different perspectives. This gives new insights and broadens the horizon.


HAKOM Webinars present interesting facts about time series in an informative and exciting way. The focus is on practical relevance. The goal: Each participant takes something useful from the webinar.

Current HAKOM Webinars.

"Life is a time series." is the guiding principle of HAKOM. Every human being is confronted with time series every day, consciously or unconsciously. In world class ski jumping they were the basis to put the athletes' training on a scientific basis. Ski jumping legend Toni Innauer and HAKOM CEO Stefan Komornyik discuss the power of data.

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Language: German

How are "disruptive changes" in energy consumption forecasts modeled? Data specialists of HAKOM Solutions GmbH are dedicated to this complex topic and show approaches to solutions without the inclusion of historical data sets.

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Language: English

In spring 2020, unexpected changes in the course of energy data in the electricity and gas sector became apparent. Thomas Mühlbacher, researcher in the Visual Analytics group, Ricardo Wickert, head of R&D at HAKOM Time Series and HAKOM CEO Stefan Komornyik discuss the topic. Thomas Mühlbacher will demonstrate methods for visualizing the data.

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Language: English

The HAKOM Webinar "Covid-19 - impact on energy behavior", is dedicated to the effects of the COVID-19 lockdown on energy consumption in the field of electricity and gas in selected European countries. A discussion with experts from the energy industry and time series technology.

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Language: English

Interesting facts from the HAKOM Showcase.

HAKOM – a strong partner in the energy sector for 30 years.

5G – die neue Daten Welle in der Luft.

5G – the new data wave in the air.

5G - breathtaking bandwidth, but that's not all. 5G has much more to offer, technology that opens a new era. A distributed network with the lowest...

HAKOM YouTube Channel.

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