Success Story LINZ AG.

LINZ AG Holding – the energy supplier for the greater Linz area.

LINZ AG Holding supplies over 260,000 customers with electricity, gas and district heating.

With its services and products, the company ensures the basic supply of people in Linz and the surrounding communities. One of its extended tasks is the provision of infrastructure for companies in the central area.

The HAKOM Time Series Technology and the mP Energy forecasting software based on a uniform Energy Data Warehouse are used  for forecasting and time series management for all divisions.

HAKOM Technology that convinced.

As a multi-utility provider, LINZ AG recognized years ago with foresight that an integrated database would offer decisive advantages beyond the boundaries of its divisions. In addition, it became clear that a uniform forecasting tool and a central bundling of competence for this along the entire value-added chain would leverage considerable potential and thus bring valuable benefits.

In addition to the versatility of the tools used, the criteria for LINZ AG were an open system architecture to be prepared for the future and to be able to flexibly map new time-series-based processes. A major challenge was to conceptually standardize the heterogeneous process and system landscape in order to achieve the best possible standardization.

The HAKOM TSM Time Series Technology and the mP Energy forecasting system have been optimally meeting  these requirements for years.

The decision was made to combine the HAKOM TSM Time Series Technology and mP Energy forecasting, which prevailed over the competition through outstanding performance combined with maximum flexibility and versatility.

Successful with HAKOM Technology.

Process automation:
The validation of the data and the analysis of the forecasts now take place at LINZ AG on a new level: Thanks to continuous automation, there is more time for more demanding tasks than before. Data that used to be entered laboriously by hand is now loaded fully automatically - many other manual processes are no longer necessary and enable forecast results with the highest precision and assured quality.

Flexibility despite standardization:
HAKOM TSM and the mP Energy application replaced various forecasting solutions for different energy sources at LINZ AG. An excellent uniform data platform was created and the IT landscape was consolidated highly efficiently. All this was not at the expense of flexibility: for the first time, the most suitable standardised forecasting procedures and methods were applied to all energy sources in order to achieve optimum forecasting results.

Cost optimization:
The consequences of handling processes at LINZ AG with HAKOM TSM and mP Energy are immediately measurable.  They are reflected not only in the highly efficient implementation of data management and forecasting, but also in significantly improved results, which flow profitably into energy trading, power plant optimization and strategic planning and bring considerable cost advantages there.

Linz AG about HAKOM.

"It is crucial for us to know how we can economically optimize the use of our power plants and energy procurement. mP Energy provides us with the necessary data for this analysis. On an annual average, we save one working hour per day per energy division and employee. Another decisive aspect for us was that it was an open system: Should the need arise in the future, further procedures can be integrated at any time."

Helmut Krieger, Projektleiter „Netzprognose für Strom, Gas und Fernwärme“