E-World 2020 – Solutions for IoT, Smart City, 5G in the focus of the visitors.

Energy revolution, sharing data, e-mobility, new mobile phone standards such as 5G and more: Industries in transition, looking for new technologies for exploding data volumes. Big Data is currently one of the defining topics across almost all industries. Whether in the energy industry or trade: Big Data is becoming the new commodity of the economy.

Not only the amount of data poses new challenges for the industries, but also new technological concepts. Data is increasingly being kept decentralized, logic is being shifted to sensors - these are new challenges that 5G technology, for example, brings with it. The focus is therefore on sharing, merging and processing distributed data with high performance, under the premise of always obtaining reliable results. This is the only way to generate added value from Big Data.

Keeping an eye on the trends of the industries, HAKOM Time Series Technology is already fit for the challenges of the future: Setting up unlimited scalable systems with FeasyUse®, merging and sharing data, processing with unrivalled performance and database independence. Database independence is a major issue, as classical databases are increasingly reaching their limits in the area of big data and are being replaced and supplemented by solutions such as InfluxDB, leanXcale or crate.io.

Strong arguments, which speak for the HAKOM TSM Technology. Accordingly, the interest in HAKOM's innovative, future-proof solutions was very high at the E World 2020 in Essen. Three presentation terminals in the HAKOM Techbox attracted the interest of companies like Statkraft, BKW, E.ON, OMV Petrom or N-ERGIE and led to about 100 follow-up appointments.

The new HAKOM TSM Connector for Grafana Dashboards also met with special interest from the industry: Data visualization and monitoring in a new dimension on an open source basis without having to write a single line of code. And HAKOM Solutions is also starting to set new standards in the field of cloud solutions.

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