HAKOM TSM performs at the IOTSWC2019 Barcelona.

The Smart City Barcelona – host of IoT Solutions 2019.

Once a year, the "IoT Solutions World Congress" turns Barcelona into the European focal point for sensor technology, networking and data - the Internet of Things. It is Barcelona for a good reason: The pulsating Catalan trading city with a lot of history has been the driving force of the Iberian peninsula since Spain's departure from the agricultural state to the industrial state. According to the IMD World Competitiveness Center Index, Barcelona is the second "smartest city" on the planet after London but ahead of Singapore. The city scores every year in almost all areas: public transport, access to health services, water and energy supply, security, education, traffic management and green space management.

“Mare Nostrum", the most powerful supercomputer in the EU, is located in the Barcelona Supercomputing Center. In Europe only the CSCS with the "Piz Daint" can offer a more powerful computer in Switzerland. Startups shoot out of the ground in Barcelona. If you browse ".SEEDTABLE", you'll find just about everything that's currently hot. From "InstaGreen", which deals with vertical farming embedded in the Smart City, to "ForceManager", an AI-based Costumer Relationship platform, everything that will influence modern life in the future is represented in Barcelona. The financial environment is also good for new technologies, teaching and education. Barcelona, the rich, ambitious city, so flexible, adaptable and open to new things, like hardly any other city in Europe. Barcelona was also the first city in Spain to electrify itself together with the AEG Group from Berlin.

FeasyUse® technology meets with great interest.

In 2019 HAKOM Solutions again was strongly represented at the IoT Solutions 2019 Barcelona at the Austrian joint booth to present the new FeasyUse® technology for Time Series Management. A technology that was specially developed with the emerging data world of the Internet of Things in mind. The IoT world produces data at the same speed and quantity as before, stores the data increasingly locally, and even the "intelligence" is no longer taking place centrally but locally. This is made possible by innovative operating systems and processors. 500 MHZ microcontrollers are currently traded on the mass market for less than 50 cents. They already run AI algorithms, made possible by extremely slim OS, which are executable with barely 5 K RAM.

Bridging the cloud will be an exciting future topic for the IoT industry: making distributed data available, sharing it with a technology that is unlimited scalable to keep pace with the rapidly growing number of data-producing sensors. This is exactly what HAKOM TSM does to make time series applications feasible in the Internet of Things. The market is so interesting that even Amazon with its OS "FreeRTOS" is involved that Amazon can seamlessly connect Cloud and Edge Computing. A brilliant move to strategically position the Amazon Cloud (AWS) in the IoT environment.

LeanXcale – high performance like HAKOM TSM.

LeanXcale is an innovative spin-off of a research team at the TU Madrid. The company develops SQL engines with outstanding data ingestion rates that are also fully scalable. The data ingestion rate is a central topic of the IoT world, the streaming and processing of big data from distributed resources. Interesting connecting points between the LeanXcale and the FeasyUse® technology resulted, because it is all about outstanding performance on both sides.

When it comes to Big Data, the current focus is on topics such as Industry 4.0, Farming 4.0 and the like. In the field of online marketing, Big Data has been the dominant topic since Google's success story at the latest. With IoT, Big Data becomes an even more influential dimension in marketing: the linking of online data with sensor data. Not an abstract topic but already reality. IKEA relies on LeanXcale technology for the management of its locally managed warehouses and delivers real-time data online that is optimized for inventory and logistics. The first US stores for American branded goods offer a glimpse into the future: Customer tracking in the shop, linking of data with ERP systems, delivery of personalized advertising on store monitors with variable prices. Time series data provide the basis for pricing, product presentation and much more. Omnichannel marketing is the challenge of the future that is just beginning.

Kapsch and SNFC – dialog partner for HAKOM TSM.

The Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland, with 57 km the longest railway tunnel in the world, is a technical masterpiece. More than 200,000 sensors were installed in the tunnel to monitor and control the tunnel and to provide a sound database for maintenance. Every second these sensors deliver hundreds of thousands of data sets. New technologies such as those of the Bavarian company ObjectBox are in demand. ObjectBox is a super fast solution to synchronize databases designed specifically for IoT sensors and edge computing.

The Austrian company Kapsch, which is currently working on a tunnel project with the French railway SNFC (Société nationale des chemins de fer français) in the field of Edge Computing, has already shown interest in the HAKOM technology. Key is the high-performance provision of distributed data. The Kapsch SNFC project deals with water level measurement in railway tunnels. A particular challenge will be scalability, a particular strength of FeasyUse® technology. SNFC successfully merges all IoT data with IBM Watson IoT, a constantly growing system.

New possibilities in monitoring with IoT.

In production plants, the IoT technology enables a new dimension in terms of capacity utilization and maintenance. In the millisecond range, machine data is measured, transmitted, stored and anomalies are determined based on historical data. All of this is based on time series data, used for calculation of signals to detect maintenance requirements at an early stage. Important information to prevent machine breakdowns and to control capacity utilization in such a way that machines to be serviced are unoccupied in good time.

The HAKOM time series technology is predestined for monitoring applications in this industrial environment. Companies such as TeamViewer AG, SGE (Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy) or Moxa Inc. (the world's third largest manufacturer of network solutions for industrial automation) showed great interest in the FeasyUse® technology for monitoring applications.

FeasyUse® – characteristics of a future technology.

IoT, a new data world is emerging. New hardware and software solutions are in demand. With its newly developed FeasyUse® technology, HAKOM Solutions makes a decisive contribution to creating value from IoT data.

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