oekostrom AG - the future of energy.

oekostrom AG was founded in 1999 out of the anti-nuclear and climate protection movement. The founders innovatively implemented their ideas of "green energy" and created Austria's largest independent energy service provider out of their conviction. In the meantime, oekostrom AG operates wind farms and photovoltaic plants as an owner in Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, promotes regional energy production through targeted purchasing from renewable energy sources of Austrian origin and is involved in the area of sustainable heat supply.

To ensure that oekostrom AG customers can be sure that they are only using clean electricity from Austria, oekostrom AG pioneered the use of origin labelling for its electricity right from the start. This subsequently led to the introduction of electricity labelling, and introduced a recognised quality seal, which was the forerunner of the UZ46 "Green Electricity" eco-label. Furthermore, oekostrom AG is the only green electricity provider in Austria to operate its own balance group - purchases and sales of every kilowatt hour of electricity are thus clearly traceable.

The need to rethink energy production, distribution and consumption has been understood in Europe. The steady growth in oekostrom AG's customer base reflects the desire of consumers and companies for clean energy and a future worth living - also for future generations. This and the distributed generation of energy from different renewable sources, as well as decentralized energy purchasing, generate a data stream every minute from distributed sources, in variable time frames and qualities.

One of the strengths of HAKOM's Time Series Technology is the ability to harmonize data streams of this kind. With this technology, oekostrom AG will implement a central data hub for all time series. In addition to numerous interfaces to consumers, power plants, trading and market information systems, the existing portfolio management system will also be connected to the data hub. This will create harmonized, validated and uniformly processed time series data of a new quality, in line with HAKOM's guiding principle: "Making data valuable". oekostrom®, the future of energy, because "We will not solve the climate crisis the day after tomorrow, but today!" says Dr. Ulrich Streibl, Spokesman of the Board of oekostrom AG.