Two years PowerTSM® – the evolution of a time series management industry standard into the cloud.

PowerTSM® – the first cloud-based time series manager in history!

PowerTSM® stands for Powerful Time Series Management, the innovative big data management tool from HAKOM Time Series GmbH. This powerful tool merges time series data from a wide variety of sources in any format and scale with astonishing ease and high performance and also shares it again if required. PowerTSM® not only maps data in a structured way, but also makes it available synchronously for data mining in an outstanding way using FeasyUse®. PowerTSM® is the tool for maintaining control in a world of exponentially growing data volumes. Today and in the future, because due to its native cloud approach, PowerTSM® is fully integrated into the world of AI, AGI, AR, IoT and Industry 5.0 and is elastically scalable without any limits. PowerTSM® is the evolution of HAKOM TSM into a cloud solution and is therefore based on over 30 years of success in the energy industry. As the first cloud-based time series manager in history, HAKOM is once again setting the standard.

Why customers choose HAKOM and PowerTSM®.

Leading companies in the energy industry have been relying on HAKOM time series technology for over 30 years. Initiating an evolutionary process to turn a complex on-premise solution into a cloud-based one, with all the highlights of the app that customers appreciate, supplemented by all the new possibilities that only native cloud approaches can offer, is both challenging and daring. Two years of PowerTSM®, two years of success, two years in which HAKOM has made new possibilities such as AI accessible to its customers.

1 - Users and CFOs love PowerTSM®.

PowerTSM® is loved for many reasons and by very different players. CFOs appreciate the fact that short-lived investments become variable costs, the financial and organizational relief, rapid response options and much more. Users of the technology are impressed by the scaling options, the automated backups, the easy access to 3rd party data or the simple implementation of AI. PowerTSM® is not just the HAKOM TSM in the cloud, it is a new dimension in time series management. A look at some of the core features underpins this impressively.

2 - Performance and elastic optimization in a new dimension.

The possibility of up- and downscaling in terms of computing power and available data storage is probably the most compelling argument for PowerTSM® in the Azure Cloud. No long decision-making processes for a technology, no investment calculation, no capital expenditure, no depreciation, no dependence on delivery times and no hardware graveyard after three years. Real-time scaling in the Azure Cloud, automated according to load or schedules, in the primary region or specific regions. And to ensure the right level of productivity, bring forward the cold start of VMs according to schedules so that performance can be called up in a fraction of a second when it is needed. This is time series management in a new dimension, with a focus on the customers core business. With PowerTSM®, the future begins today, on the foundation of technology proven over 30 years.

- Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets.

Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets enables users to quickly and easily set up, group and manage any number of heterogeneous VMs. Both MS and Linux VMs can be set up. The tool is particularly effective in the big data sector thanks to automated or time-controlled load balancing.

- Automatic Scaling with Azure App Service.

When working with a highly fluctuating or unpredictable workload, Azure App Service makes a significant contribution to productivity and efficiency. Depending on requirements, the service starts or reduces instances. Limits can be set in terms of minimum and maximum.

- Azure Elastic SQL.

In times of IoT and big data, storage solutions are becoming a critical factor. This is where the elastic Azure SQL database is the most professional support. It automatically scales your database storage according to defined parameters such as DTUs, provisioned and serverless Cores and Autopause delays for elastic pools and dedicated databases. A comprehensive monitoring system is available to identify and eliminate bottle necks very quickly.

3 - Previously unrivaled data security and that individually customizable.

When it comes to cloud computing, newcomers are often concerned about data security and losing physical control over their own data and its security. If the topic is analyzed in the Azure Cloud, it becomes clear that security standards that can be implemented in the Azure Cloud cannot be implemented on-premise. Data loss due to technical problems or process errors, hostile attacks on instances and, often forgotten, political risks. The latter can be easily intercepted by geo-redundancies in the cloud.

- Shared Responsibility Model.

The principle of the shared responsibility model applies to cloud computing. The user is responsible for the security of the data entering or leaving the cloud. In principle, the cloud partner is responsible for security in the cloud, but so is the user. The user is responsible for the extent to which they use the security systems provided by the cloud partner. Azure offers powerful tools in this regard, and AI also supports the selection and use of these tools. For the automatic security management of data traffic in and out of the cloud, Fortinet Security Fabric, for example, which is specially tailored to Azure and also enables multicloud management, would be a choice.

- General Data Security.

To protect against data loss due to technical problems, process errors, etc., the Azure Cloud already offers a powerful backup strategy as standard, which can be expanded individually. Of equal importance are the restore options, which are just as extensive. A brief overview: 

* Automated Azure SQL database backups.
Weekly full backups; differential backups every 12 hours; transaction log backups every 10 minutes. Backups stored locally redundantly (LRS), synchronized three times at the physical location of the primary region. Can be extended to zone-redundant (ZRS) or geo-redundant storage (GRS).

* Recovery Services-Tresor.
Data copies and configuration information for virtual computers, workloads, servers and workstations.

* Definable Georedundancy.
Data redundancy in locally distributed data centers; +150 data centers in 60 regions can be defined freely; both as geo-redundant storage (GRS) and geo-zone redundant storage (GZRS), each replicated using LRS and stored three times.

* Restore Options.
Recovery of a database at a defined point in time at the physical location of the primary region or geo-recovery in another geographical region (e.g. in the event of regional outages).

PowerTSM® can make most of the above available out of the box.

- Cloud Intrusion Security.

PowerTSM® under the Azure Cloud, offers a powerful toolbox to protect against hostile attacks, data loss or theft, downtime and more. With AI support, even non-experts can set up a customized security system, from firewall, threat detection, database security, multifactor authentication to data encryption.

* Azure Security Center.
Depending on the Azure environment set up, the Azure Security Center provides recommendations for setting up security services.

* Microsoft Copilot for Security.
Generative AI solution for security that helps IT professionals to build and maintain a save Azure environment.

* Azure Firewall.
Provision of multiple services to protect the entire Azure environment; set up in minutes and equally scalable.

* Azure Bastion.
Secure access from public IPs seamlessly via Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) or SSH (Secure Shell Protocol).

* Threat detection for Azure SQL-Databases.
Monitoring, identification and logging of abnormal database activities.

* Microsoft Defender for SQL.
Detects and mitigates database vulnerabilities.

* MFA (Multifactor authentication).
Comprehensive setup of MFA, e.g. using OATH tokens and events that lead to account blocking, including duration of effect. Configurable reporting in relation to suspicious activity events, e.g. fraud alerts.

* Dataencryption.
Server-side encryption with service-side managed keys; ~ with customer-managed keys in Azure Key; ~ with customer-managed keys on customer-controlled hardware.

4 - Four completely flexible plans for every requirement.

PowerTSM® Time Series Management is not only technically elastically scalable, but also in terms of utilization plans. HAKOM offers the perfect plan for every user group and this is not set in stone. If requirements change, plans can be scaled up and down. PowerTSM®, maximum flexibility for times when requirements can change on a daily basis.

- The Essentials Plan.

Optimal plan for your first steps in the cloud at an unbeatable price.

- The Standard Plan.

For those who want to store and process large volumes of time series data, with the option of elastically scaling the database and performance with a fingertip.

- The Premium Plan.

For all those who want to challenge the cloud with high-performance and large volumes of time series data and want to scale performance elastically at any time.

- The Enterprise Plan.

For professionals who not only want to harness the full power of the cloud, but also want to implement multi cloud and hybrid solutions consisting of on prem and cloud.

5 - Monitoring – always keeping a close eye on usage and costs.

Absolute transparency in PowerTSM® Time Series Management plans is the basis for a long and successful partnership. The PowerTSM® calculator is your independent consultant who, after entering your requirements, suggests flat rate models that can be extended with add-ons. During the use of your PowerTSM® plan, a monitor is available which evaluates the call-off of services and any add-ons booked. This allows you to keep everything under control.

Challenge us and recognize your needs – the PowerTSM® calculator is ready for you!

Calculate your PowerTSM® future and experience how unrivaled economical time series management in the cloud can be. The PowerTSM® calculator is ready for you and a test account is available for those who want to challenge it technically.

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