Success Story Quaternity AG.

Quaternity GmbH – specialist for energy trading and sales.

Quaternity helps energy trading and distribution companies meet today's and tomorrow's technology challenges. With offices in Walchwil, Switzerland and Vienna, Austria, Quaternity covers both the commercial and technical requirements of energy trading and sales organizations.

The Quaternity Suite – a modular software platform with sales and PFM functionality – relies on HAKOM TSM Technology for sophisticated time series functionality.

HAKOM Technology that convinced.

Quaternity's team of experts offers solutions for the energy industry with a special focus on automation and digitization. It is clear that the requirements in this area are extremely challenging in times of smart energy and smart home.

In 2018, Quaternity was therefore looking for ways to focus its software development efforts in order to be able to deliver much faster in demanding applications. The time series technology used was identified as a decisive factor.

It quickly became clear that by using the versatile and high-performance HAKOM TSM Technology, the consistent focus on high solution competence and excellent process know-how would be perfectly implemented in an extremely demanding market environment. An important factor for the decision for HAKOM was the unbureaucratic and solution-oriented support of the developers, which decisively simplified the integration of the services. Quaternity is now perfectly equipped for the future requirements of its demanding target group through the integration of HAKOM TSM Service in its future-oriented service-oriented solution architecture.

Successful with HAKOM Technology.

Rapid training of the development team:
Extremely fast - within just 3 weeks, Quaternity's development team was able to integrate TSM Technology into their own solution, allowing them to quickly focus on their core business. The professional support provided by Support and Professional Services was a decisive factor.

Functions covered:
FeasyUse® enabled! In addition to the basic functions of time series such as creation, loading, auditing, etc., the focus is on numerous special requirements which can be effortlessly met using the protected FeasyUse® Technology from HAKOM:

  • High-performance aggregation, smoothing, scaling, shifting of time series values and other formula functions.
  • High-precision raster conversion as well as holiday-specific rolling out of time series.
  • Extremely flexible attributes for linking to external elements and classifying time series.

develops highly sophisticated solutions for energy sales organizations that are themselves challenged in the marketplace. Here it is necessary to analyze thousands of load profiles of end customers within a very short time. By using the Performance Edition of the HAKOM TSM Technology, these requirements can be easily met.

Quaternity AG about HAKOM.

"The decision to use HAKOM Time Series Technology was made shortly after the first functional tests. It immediately became clear to us that this would enable us to greatly reduce the time to market of our highly sophisticated solutions while at the same time significantly increasing standardization".

Michael Pirich, Founder & CEO Quaternity