Success Story Seven2one GmbH.

Seven2one – individual software solutions for the decentralized, digitized energy world.

Seven2one is the best companion for companies that want to successfully transform their business with the help of the energy revolution and digitization. Seven2one combines the unique combination of strategy, consulting and software know-how at the highest level. Seven2one combines the best of both worlds: Flexibility and accuracy of fit of an individual solution with the quality and maintainability of standard software.

Seven2one relies on HAKOM TSM Technology for particularly demanding requirements in the area of Big Data.

HAKOM Technology that convinced.

Founded in 2001 as a spin-off of the University of Stuttgart, the experts from Karlsruhe have both excellent know-how of the energy market and the highest technical competence when it comes to challenging business processes along the entire value chain of the energy industry.

In addition to its expertise, the modular Seven2one platform is of decisive importance for solving such tasks.

Seven2one recognizes decisive technology trends at an early stage thanks to its active research and development activities. The mission is: Seven2one makes companies in the energy system transformation process successful.

The first contact with the HAKOM Time Series experts took place in 2018. The interest was aroused and a first test integration of the TSM Technology into the Seven2one platform was quickly ready for use.

The application of the TSM Technology to solve the requirements of a transmission system operator in the field of control energy in second increment has convinced the demanding and initially skeptical developers at Seven2one that TSM is an excellent Time Series Technology with outstanding functionality in the field of big data.

Since then, the Seven2one development team has relied on HAKOM TSM for sophisticated Big Data Time Series functionality. In addition to performance, the FeasyUse® principle of Time Series Technology is also appreciated. Data increment, data throughput, data unit and much more are automatically and correctly taken into account by the functions used. This allows a stronger focus on the special customer requirements, time to market and development effort are measurably reduced.

Seven2one is now excellently positioned on a Time Series level with the HAKOM TSM in an energy market that is moving in giant steps towards Big Energy Data.

Successful with HAKOM Technology.

Rapid training of the development team:
In the context of extremely demanding applications for Transmission System Operators, the TSM know-how was quickly built up by the Karlsruhe development team. After only a few weeks, the developers of Seven2one were able to map highly demanding time-series-based processes.

After a short training period, the experts also mastered the intricacies of TSM Technology in order to optimally guarantee maximum data throughput.

Functions covered:
FeasyUse® enabled – lightning fast in your browser! In the Seven2one platform, extremely large amounts of data are made available incredibly quickly on the basis of the HAKOM TSM Web Sservices using FeasyUse® functions of the TSM Technology:

  • Lightning fast web-based access to time series data and meta information.
  • Clear graphical and tabular display of several time series.
  • High-performance provision of time series data for data analysis and as a widget in the dashboard.
  • Quick export of selected data using the full functionality of the Seven2one platform.
  • Efficient mapping of aggregations, multiple time dimensions and attributes in big data scenarios.

The demands on time-series-based processes are extreme in many cases. By using the perfectly scalable HAKOM TSM Performance Edition as basic technology, hundreds of time series, which are available in seconds, can be validated and visualized in the browser within a few moments. That is unique in this form!

Seven2one GmbH über HAKOM.

"The decision to use HAKOM Time Teries Technology went hand in hand with our realization that we need a very special and highly standardized basic technology for extreme Big Data requirements.“

"In addition to the strong performance, the excellent integration support in our platform was decisive for the choice of HAKOM TSM. We were also impressed by the clear vision for the future development of HAKOM TSM. Not least the professional, friendly and close cooperation made the decision for HAKOM as our partner easy for us".

Carmen Bickle, Managing Director of Seven2one GmbH