Webinar "The Backbone of a Data Driven Energy Industry.“

On Thursday 11 March at 2pm (MET, UTC+1), the sixth HAKOM webinar will go online. This time Martin Otzelberger, Managing Partner at FORRS, CEO Stefan Komornyik and CTO Thomas Hasleder, both HAKOM Time Series, will discuss the topic "The Backbone of a Data Driven Energy Industry".

In the webinar, an approach will be presented as to how the architecture of a time series technology that is successfully used in data-driven industries should look in an ideal way. Topics such as Big Data, performance and trust will also be addressed.

At the end of the webinar, there will again be sufficient time to answer participants' questions. HAKOM Time Series is looking forward to your participation!

Register now here for the 30-minute webinar free of charge.