YouTube Summer Special – Life is a Time Series!

Time is running – it never stands still.

We live in a space-time continuum, a one-dimensional time, a three-dimensional space and a four-dimensional structure. All this is inseparably connected with each other. Time can run sometimes faster, sometimes slower, depending on gravity, but it runs, unstoppable. Our life is determined by it. Often we do not notice it in everyday life, because everything is just as it always is. But then there are moments in life, very special moments, marked by a time stamp, which will have a lasting effect on our lives today or perhaps tomorrow. Then it is present again, the time that runs unstoppably and what great significance striking points on the timeline can have for us.

Time stamps on the timeline, are a logbook of life, for people, machines, stock exchanges, for everything. Nothing can escape this logbook. It is written for everyone, for living beings and things. That is the theme of HAKOM, time series – therefore our mission statement is: "Life is a Time Series!". And it's a fascinating subject that we have enthusiastically made ours, for over 30 years.

Summer, sun, beach, time series in front of, above and within us. Waves on the beach, seemingly chaotic, but they follow a time series. A look at the southern sky, every night it is slightly different, but it also follows a time series. And we ourselves also keep an inner logbook that records our own personal time series: Sleep rhythm, breathing rate or pulse, for example. In our YouTube Summer Special, we take a very special look at time series. Time series that vacationers can observe from a deck chair on the beach, at dinner under a starry sky, or from an airplane.

Be part of HAKOM's Summer Special, it's going to be exciting. In nine clips, we present the world of time series under the summer sky. Every Wednesday at 14:00 CEST we will broadcast a new episode of "Life is a Time Series" in July and August 2023, also available in our playlist.

HAKOM wishes you an eventful summer vacation 2023, "And don't forget, life is a Time Series!"

HAKOM YouTube Summer Special – das Programm.

Wednesday, 5.7.2026: On the beach in summer – read the waves!
Sometimes the sea is flat, then suddenly waves roll in, energetic one after the other. Then it's calm again. The episode "On the beach in summer - read the waves!" shows why and when they come.

Wednesday, 12.7.2026: Stargazers secret: To know where and when.
Everyone is fascinated by the view of the starry sky in summer. At this time, it is particularly beautiful in the northern hemisphere: meteor showers or glistening bright orange stars can be seen. All of this follows a rhythm, a time series, and which one, the episode "Stargazers secret: To know where and when." shows.

Wednesday, 19.7.2026: Healthy sleep – what does the smartwatch tell us?
It is well known, healthy sleep follows a certain pattern. But the pattern is more than falling asleep and waking up. Healthy sleep goes through a distinctive time series and its nature affects our health. Episode "Healthy sleep – what does the smartwatch tell us?", provides insights.

Wednesday, 26.7.2026: When will we be able to live to 100?
How old can we get? HAKOM takes an interesting look at the time series of how life expectancy has developed in Europe since 1870. It points toward 100 years of age. Episode "When will we be able to live to 100?"

Wednesday, 2.8.2026: The future comes in waves – the Kondratieff cycles.
For everyone, life is like a roller coaster: sometimes you're at the top, sometimes at the bottom, it's like a law of nature, without lows there are no highs. Cycles, long and short waves, determine life, personally, socially, economically. Those who understand them know a lot about the future. Episode "The future comes in waves – the Kondratieff cycles."

Wednesday, 9.8.2026: Into space – Mission Elapsed Time (MET)! 
It has been quiet about space since mankind stood on the moon. Research is carried out in the ESA Spacelab, important, but not very exciting for outsiders. But now Mars is within reach, exciting. The success of space missions depends to a large extent on a very special time series. Episode "Into space – Mission Elapsed Time (MET)!"

Wednesday, 16.8.2026: Growing old fit – the power of data!
We all carry a personal logbook within us, that of our vital data. Reading it, analyzing it and influencing it will help us to grow old fit. Episode "Growing old fit – the power of data!"

Wednesday, 23.8.2026: Flying save – streaming data helps.
Flying has never been so safe. Time series play an essential role in this. Episode "Flying save – streaming data helps." – anyone who has a fear of flying should definitely attend.

Wednesday, 30.8.2026: Bonus Track – be surprised!
Summer is over, one time series ends, a new one begins. We devote ourselves to the change, which is never exactly predictable and therefore always surprising. Episode "Bonus Track - be surprised!"

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