Crisis – Christmas – Chances!

The last three years have been characterized by fundamental crises. One crisis seamlessly followed the next. Health and energy moved to the forefront of society, worldwide. Two important goods that are of central importance, but have received little attention in the everyday lives of many. Things that are taken for granted - until they are called into question. That's when their true importance becomes apparent. Something that can also have its positive sides.

"We are Time Series", the theme of HAKOM is time series. The focus is on the energy industry. Since the energy transition was heralded, HAKOM has been intensively dealing with the challenges that will come with it. And they are big and will become even bigger. Microgrids, energy communities, battery power plants, prosumers, AI, intelligent transformers, smart grids and more are buzzwords that summarize the current turnaround. It is challenging, cannot be mastered with classic approaches, and its complexity is such that a daring path must be taken. Sufficient availability of energy in the form of heat, electricity and other forms has never been a matter of course. To ensure that this remains the case, without the blue planet degenerating into a desert, adaptation, inventiveness, innovation and, above all, action are required.

One of the great challenges of the energy transition will be data. Big data, distributed, no longer only as classic data but also as event streams near real time. Data that must be available, can be shared, and a new idea of data ownership must be found. HAKOM has been dealing with these topics in the crisis years, the management of data in a new energy world. The answer can only lie in the cloud. And this is what we at HAKOM have brought to life in the last years of the crisis. The HAKOM PowerTSM® Cloud, the first Time Series Management Cloud on the market, was launched in June 2022. It will help to master the requirements of the energy transition in terms of data technology, as an open solution for a new world.

Crises come and go. To overcome them, imagination, initiative, skill, optimism and, not to forget, a good sense of humor are required. 2023 will be a good year, the HAKOM team is convinced of that and in this sense wishes everyone with its Christmas clip from Vienna

Merry Christmas and a healthy and successful year 2023.

Die HAKOM Weihnachtsgrüsse der letzten drei Jahre.