New customers and product development - strong summer for HAKOM.

Customer growth in the future market of Energy Trading.

Smart Energy, decentralization of the energy industry and a constantly growing Europeanization of the energy industry, let the importance of energy trading grow constantly. VERBUND Trading GmbH (VTR), a 100% subsidiary of VERBUND AG, already successfully uses HAKOM time series technology. Now ALPIQ AG, headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, has also been won as a customer in the field of Energy Trading. ALPIQ AG is active in all European countries and is strongly involved in future topics such as energy flow control using AI or the growing topic of optimizing energy storage systems.

New customer in the field of high-resolution measurement data in the industrial sector.

Dehn SE + Co KG, based in Nuremberg, Germany, is an owner-managed company in the 4th generation with 1,900 employees. In the components and equipment business, it offers about 4,000 different products. One of the focal points is in the field of surge protection. Here, Big Data is also becoming a central topic. With the high-performance and scalable HAKOM TSM Time Series Technology, Dehn SE + Co KG now focuses on the management of its high-resolution measurement data in the industrial sector.      

HAKOM TSM now also goes with LeanXcale®.

One of the great strengths of the HAKOM TSM Technology is its platform independence. HAKOM TSM and LeanXcale® are now also working together. An optimal pair, as both technologies focus on highest performance, availability and scalability, topics that will significantly influence the data management of the future.

Data visualization with HAKOM TSM Technology further expanded.

Humans are a visual beings. Evolution has given them remarkable survival skills, not only to remember things very easily by seeing, but also to recognize intuitively correlations and abnormalities. Therefore, HAKOM now offers two outstanding connectors for its TSM Technology. One is the open source tool Grafana, with which impressive dashboards can be generated out of the box without writing a single line of code. In addition to this, there is now Power BI®, a business analysis service from Microsoft®, which focuses on the interactive visualization of business intelligence functions.

Future project for the power grid of tomorrow.

With the "PowerQualityLab" project, HAKOM dedicates itself to an important topic, the monitoring of the quality of power grids. Smart Energy poses new challenges for network operators in terms of frequency stability, which are increasingly being met with approaches such as battery power plants, for example the "Big Lausitz". As a strategic project of HAKOM, the TSM Technology will also solve these new requirements of the energy industry in an outstanding way.

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