VERBUND Trading GmbH starts the year 2020 with HAKOM Time Series Technology.

VERBUND Trading GmbH is a company of VERBUND AG. Within the group, it is responsible for the marketing of VERBUND products and the marketing of VERBUND power plants. VERBUND Trading is one of the largest electricity traders in Europe. All of the Group's production data is pooled on the trading floor in Vienna, from where it is traded on European electricity exchanges. In the OTC segment, large-scale consumers and municipal utilities are supplied with tailor-made, demand-oriented electricity products.

The tasks of the trading floor are highly complex and particularly time-critical. Production data, electricity demand, market prices and meteorological data, both current and forecast data, must be optimized in a comprehensive model. The basis for this is time series data, represented in high-performance and highly scaled innovative databases. The HAKOM Time Series Technology will be available from 2020 as the universal developer tool for VERBUND Trading. TSM technology is characterized by exceptional performance, unlimited scalability and platform independence. TSM also makes available and shareable data from distributed sources and provides the developer with a first-class toolset.

VERBUND Trading will use HAKOM TSM Technology within the framework of a long-term license model from 2020. Depending on your needs, TSM can be implemented in your own development solution or used as a hosted lab. Licensing models are flexible and can be tailored to customer needs.

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